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Disrupting the dental industry
The Tooth Market’s founders, Dr Kris Thyer & Dr Kav Caldera forged a close friendship while studying at the University of Western Australia dental school – Challenging conventions with their entrepreneurial spirit while striving to find better ways and improve the world around them.

An app is born

Working in the dental industry allowed Kris & Kav to identify shortcomings in practice processes and the patient experience. They knew there was a better way. After many long nights and thousands of sheets of paper strewn across Kris’ dining table, The Tooth Market’s first prototype was born.

Redi for launch

In early 2021, The Tooth Market partnered with software company Redi Apps and CTO Dan Foster to further develop the apps. A successful launch in April was followed by acceptance into the prestigious Plus Eight Tech Accelerator program, where the team has had the privilege to learn from Australia’s top business minds for the next stages of development.

Smile now, pay later

Fund My Dental was launched in July 2021 to great reception, with seed funding from companies including RAC and Woodside to confirm The Tooth Market as one of Western Australia’s most successful start-ups that year.
Looking for new business opportunities?
We’re on a mission to transform the dental industry and are currently piloting our Symptom Checker and Buy Now, Pay Later components. Get in touch with us if you would like to be part of our journey.
Looking for new business opportunities?
We're on a mission to transform the dental industry and are currently piloting our Symptom Checker and Buy Now, Pay Later components. Get in touch with us if you would like to be part of our journey.
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Kris Thyer

Kris Thyer is the co-founder and a director of The Tooth Market. From a decade-long career in private practice dentistry and experiencing the difficulties that both patients and his colleagues faced, his entrepreneurial spirit realised there was a problem that needed solving!

He has a burning desire to see dentistry more accessible for all Australians and to enable the industry to better connect with patients to give a higher standard of care. He is also passionate about making Buy Now Pay Later finance mainstream within the dental industry.

Kris studied at the UWA dental school and holds a Bachelor of Dental Science degree, level III ASID qualification and a Foundations of Directorship certificate from the AICD (this is pending lol). He is also a member of the OHT advisory board.

He loves to stay in touch with his long term patients and still works clinically to stay connected to the profession and when he is not working you can find him at the beach with his beloved Golden Retriever Mango.

“Dentistry is changing and our industry is in need of an ethical, technological solution. We are on a mission to make dentistry more accessible for all Australians.”
Dr Kris Thyer
Kav Caldera

Dr Kavindu (Kav) Caldera moved to Australia from a very young age and his empathetic nature along with witty humour has led him to becoming a popular member of the community.

Throughout his life, he has brought people together by assisting those less fortunate in the community doing volunteer work around the globe.

In 2011, he graduated from the University of WA as a dentist and has since then upskilled his knowledge to provide exceptional levels of care for his patients.

However, the main problem that kept nagging at him is that almost 70% of Australians don’t go to the dentist regularly due to a fear of what dental treatment is needed and how much it will cost. Seeing first hand, how delaying treatment caused significant biological, emotional and financial costs to his patients he set out to find a solution to get his patients better informed.

During the covid lockdowns of 2020 when his best mate Dr. Kris Thyer approached him with the intial idea for The Tooth Market he immediately realised that this was a project he had to get involved in as it had the potential to improve the oral health and therefore lives of thousands of Australians.

“I believe that dentistry needs to be more transparent for the average person and The Tooth Market is the first step in achieving that ideal interaction between dentist and patient.”

Dr. Kav Caldera
Daniel Foster

Having started his career as a software developer, Daniel quickly progressed into software design and management. He found a niche sitting between the highly technical complex world of software development and that of the strategic business world.

Working alongside CEO’s, Company Directors, and end users to understand their problems, needs and how to utilise technology to deliver world class solutions that would solve business problems. He has held several positions including that of Development Manager, Project Manager, CTO and General Manager across numerous different industries.

“There is a great opportunity for technology to make the dental experience so much more positive for patients and we are going to be at the forefront of that.”
Daniel Foster
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