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Founders with a professional background in dentistry
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Working in dental practices for over 10 years, we were frustrated with how the industry does business.

Dentists were separated from their patients, unable to alleviate concerns and provide advice. This lead to misconceptions and a culture of fear of going to the dentist.

The industry was in need of a technological breakthrough, so we spent months consulting our colleagues and researching the global marketplace for an answer, but all that existed were fragments, in the form of various standalone systems. There was no end-to-end solution, so we built one.

The Challenge

For Practices
  • Rapidly escalating cost of customer acquisition
  • Growing practice cashflow challenges
  • Inefficient scheduling
  • Existing Buy Now, Pay Later services don’t suit dental practices
We make finding, funding and retaining patients seamless.

For Patients

  • Hard to know what your treatment options are
  • Difficult to budget for without a quote
  • 20% cannot access $200 for emergency dental
  • Confusing comparison of practices

We make going to the dentist pain free

Market Size


$1.3 BN,
2.1M regular patients


$12.0 BN,
~19M regular patients

New Zealand & Singapore

$18 BN


$160 BN

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Dentists are desperate for change

Decreasing practice profitability
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Ethical challenges
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Attempted consolidation by corporates is floundering
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New generation of dentists seeking change
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Grow the size of the overall market
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Change lead from ‘one of their own’

A validated solution

The Tooth Market is an ethical way to profitably provide credit while retaining control. With multiple streams of subscriptions, bookings & finance, the apps are free to use for patients which further drives adoption.
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